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Rebranding NW Personal Training for Success
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Re-Branding + Website Redesign

How we rebranded a London Personal Training business to attract a more relevant and higher paying audience.

Client: NW Personal Training, London

"If you're looking for someone trustworthy who gets back to you really quickly and is extremely thorough with their work, we highly recommend Avi. If you need a new website, give him a call."
NW Personal Training
NW Personal Training Hero Image

The client's challenge

When NW Personal Training approached us their existing branding and website were not resonating with their target audience ie a higher-end market of busy professionals who were willing to invest more in their fitness journey.

The client also felt that their existing site contained too much information that detracted from their core offering.

Before we dive into the case study, take a moment to listen to Alex from NW Personal Training sharing his firsthand experience working with us.

Crafting the Brand Identity

In rebranding NW Personal Training, we curated custom color palettes to infuse their digital identity with vibrancy. Each carefully chosen hue aligns with NW’s premium services, creating a visually compelling experience across platforms. 

NW Personal Training web page variations
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Additionally, we offered mockup graphics to visually illustrate the impact of diverse color schemes on the overall branding. These mockups served as a dynamic tool, showcasing how each color palette influences the perception and resonance of the brand identity.

NW Personal Training Branding Mockups

Nailing the User Experience

Once the color palette was approved, we swiftly transitioned to crafting their new site. Our goal: an appealing, clean, and uncluttered user experience featuring bold calls to action. The design seamlessly incorporated the approved color scheme, creating a visually cohesive platform that aligns with the brand identity and encourages user interaction.

A primary focus was the redesign of each trainer’s profile page, employing a clean and appealing layout that highlights qualifications and skills prominently.

NW Personal Training Team Profile Page

We emphasized NWP’s distinctive selling points using clear and eye-catching icons.

NW Personal Training Features Icons

Leveraging NWP’s many positive client reviews, we used video testimonials and animated testimonial sliders to boost leads and conversions.

Result: Growth and Ideal Clientele Influx

Man with thumbs up illustration

The rebranding and website redesign yielded not only an immediate surge in client signups but also successfully attracted the specific type of clientele that NWP was targeting. This positive outcome underscores the effectiveness of the changes made in resonating with the desired audience.

What challenge is your business facing?

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