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Branding and Monetising NYC's Center For Dance and Body
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How we helped professional ballet dancer Anna Lederfeind brand her unique program and boost class bookings from her website. 

Client: Center For Dance and Body, NYC

Center For Dance and Body Hero Image

The client's challenge

When Anna Ledefiend, the owner of the Center For Dance and Body, approached us, she envisioned a one-of-a-kind ballet barre program for adults. Our task was to align her innovative program with compelling visuals and a brand identity that truly captured her artistic vision.

Crafting the Brand Identity

We kicked things off by designing a logo that speaks volumes about the artistry and dynamic dance movement at the heart of Anna’s vision.

The finalized logo seamlessly blends text and imagery, boasting high contrast for easy readability at various sizes.

Center For Dance and Body Logo

Nailing the User Experience

We honed in on a website layout that exudes cleanliness and elegance, ensuring minimal distractions to let the client’s offerings and strong calls to action shine through seamlessly.

Center For Dance and Body Home Page Screenshot

We made it a priority to spotlight the distinctive features of the Center For Dance and Body’s programs, along with highlighting Anna’s exceptional teaching prowess.

Center For Dance and Body About Page Screenshot

Hero sliders were leveraged to create memorable impact and increase user engagement.

Studies show that websites incorporating hero sliders experience a remarkable 30% increase in both user engagement and conversion rates, underscoring their impactful role in driving online success.

Our collaboration included adding a ‘Zoom class’ booking feature in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This online system not only provided convenience for students but also expanded the reach of classes, ensuring broader accessibility.

Online booking system
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Result: Increased brand awareness and growth

Online payment transfer illustration

Our collaboration brought Anna Lederfiend’s vision to life with beautiful branding and website design, expanding her business reach and attracting a broader audience. Innovative solutions like an online booking system not only met evolving needs but also generated ongoing revenue, ensuring sustained growth and success.

What challenge is your business facing?

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