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How we took a New York institution from great to greater
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SEO + Google Ads

Growing brand awareness, website traffic and student enrolments for one of New York’s most established dance schools.

Client: American Youth Dance Theater, New York

"Although we've never met in person, Avi has been consistently dependable and always responded quickly to our needs. He has provided solutions that continue to help my business grow and I'm looking forward to our ongoing working relationship."
Natalia Alonzo-Brillante
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The client's challenge

When American Youth Dance Theater approached us, they enjoyed glowing word-of-mouth referrals, yet grappled with the challenge of connecting with potential clients through online searches.

Laying the Foundations: SEO

Our initial move involved a comprehensive overhaul of their website’s SEO performance. We implemented foundational strategies aligned with Google’s best practices, ensuring enhanced visibility in search results.

We placed particular emphasis on local search optimisation, targeting parents and families living within the school’s area.

This led to American Youth Dance Theater prominently featuring in organic search results, outranking their competitors and significantly boosting their online visibility.

American Youth Dance Theater SEO Ranking

We also optimised the site for faster loading and for responsive display, knowing that Google favours sites which provide a better mobile experience.

Taking Aim: Google Ads

Whereas SEO builds online presence organically over time, Google Ads is a paid form of advertising that quickly targets relevant, high quality leads.

Relying heavily on revenue from seasonal dance camps, American Youth Dance Theater sought to capitalize on this opportunity. To achieve this, we crafted targeted Google Ads campaigns, reaching parents actively searching for dance camps.

As part of our Google Ads strategy, we focused on creating meticulously optimized ad copy and landing pages designed to maximize conversions.

A primary focus for us was crafting a high-performing campaign with the utmost efficiency in ad spend. This approach aimed to enable the client to allocate more resources towards enhancing their programs.

Google Ads Performance Graph

Going Local: Google My Business

In addition, we harnessed the potential of Google My Business for local searches by constructing an optimized business profile page. 

American Youth Dance Theater Google My Business Profile
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This ensured visibility in map results, providing prospective customers with convenient information and directions.

American Youth Dance Theater Maps Listing

We also leveraged the influential impact of Google reviews to build trust.

American Youth Dance Theater Google Reviews

Far reaching results

Our effective mix of SEO, Google Ads, and Google My Business didn’t just boost American Youth Dance Theater’s student enrolments; it fueled significant school growth. This expansion went beyond mere numbers, prompting the necessity to enlarge the school’s physical capacity and, as a testament to its flourishing success, led to the establishment of a second location. 

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