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Driving Success: Helping A Pro Golfer Train New Players Anytime, Anywhere.
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Subscription Platform + E-Commerce Site

Building a Membership Subscription platform to coach players through a variety of monthly, recurring packages.

Client: All Systems Golf, California

"Avi is truly amazing. He's the best person on the planet and deserves to be rich and famous."
Dan Marvosh
Founder, CEO
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The client's challenge

PGA professional golfer Dan Marvosh initially approached us to redesign and enhance his website. A confusing layout and frustratingly slow loading speeds were obstructing potential clients from signing up for his golf training programs.

Rebuilding for Performance

We initiated the website transformation by selecting and customizing a lightweight theme tailored to the client’s unique needs, establishing a refreshed visual identity. Improving user experience, we redesigned the layout for a cleaner design and simplified navigation, creating a more appealing and accessible interface.

Additionally, strategic placement of clear call-to-action elements seamlessly guides visitors, promoting engagement and aligning with the goal of effective promotion of golf training services.

To enhance performance, we compressed images, minimized code, and implemented caching, resulting in significantly improved loading times for a smoother and more efficient browsing experience.

Website speed performance

E-Commerce Evolution

A clean, fast-loading website with strong branding resulted in rapid client sign-ups. This paved the way for a subscription-based platform with tiered memberships linked to monthly service packages. Leveraging our expertise in WooCommerce, a popular store building plugin, we also established an online store for selling golf accessories and merchandise.

Golf Merchandise Shop Home Page
E-Commerce Product Page
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The Value Proposition

Adding exceptional value is fundamental to attracting and retaining members. One way we achieved this was by creating an exclusive library of golf video drills, accessible only to members.

Golf Video Drill Library Page
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We crafted an appealing video player page with the functionality to save videos directly to the member’s Locker Page (details below).

Golf Video Drill Page
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We created a personalized Member’s Locker Page accessible from the account dashboard. It includes coach-assigned video drills, practice plans, saved video drills, and blog content. Our custom coding and creative problem-solving skills were key since none of the needed features were available out of the box.

Customized Member Page

The Result: Growth and Revenue

Chart showing upward progress

Our efforts spurred substantial growth and revenue increase for All Systems Golf. Through strategic website redesign and the delivery of exceptional value via personalized membership benefits and a recurring fee subscription platform, we not only attracted and retained members but also diversified revenue with the addition of an online store. In summary, lasting success and profitability.

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